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Another summer sets like a tired sun exhausting. Another year: more woven layers with which to clothe memory. Yet we fossilize to amber, orange sleep dreamless, like caterpillars curled in hibernation. It feels like rigor mortis. Both moths and butterflies are caterpillars in youth, and what if we do not spread decorative but rather shake loose dust with every flail, flinging the prescription pill of our bodies against the light again and again... I still cannot hold luminance without choking.

Poetry is a metaphor to us (of us) and the mind's in need of tourniquets. Through the gauze I wonder: What are we but metaphors? Only to have my mind chime sardonically, "Skeletons." And we fit so nicely inside coffins... They will not let us burn, satisfied to lay corpses where we cannot see the sky. Claustrophobia sleeps beside my marrow, living a flickering radiance like stars that cannot die. And I know the world is not a graveyard, but my tongue trips on the bones in my mouth, spitting epitaphs regardless. I can only articulate in symbolism, my language alone enough a beggar to stone. I paint strangers into vultures, but one should not have to scavenge the carcass of words for meager scraps of meaning. Yet, I suppose I've painted myself a sin: I do not wish for a lonely decomposing.

The early sky winks and wrinkles, reminding me of tides. Sometimes freedom is an ocean driven to drown; possibility a fearsome lion to tame... but I'll take deep breaths and shake my mane into each morning, even if the roars get stuck in my throat.
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People will kill you over time and how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases like "be realistic.” - Dylan Moran

INFP, Moon-Height Dreamer, Oceanic Breather, Star-Whale Hunting, Aspiring Artist, Introverted Hermit, A Somehow Poet of Soliloquies, Wandering Pagan, 19 Year Old Constellation, Skin of Metaphors and Daydreams, Socially Awkward

Welcome to my niche.

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Sink or swim,
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Don't be scared:
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